The start of a new chapter

We wanted to let you all know that in relative silence we have begun working on our new album… its always a kind of magical moment so we didn’t want to keep it from you 🙂

Wha huh? So soon?
Now that Lighttown Closure is finished we are actively promoting it with media and live shows. We are having a wonderful time and are truly enjoying the release of our first full length release. We’ve learned a lot and have come such a long way.  But as you all know… time doesn’t stand still! In a year from now we want to present you another new Fourteen Twentysix album again and writing and recording albums is an intensive and time consuming process. Lighttown Closure took us up to a year to finish and we expect the second one to do so too.

In other words: We are ready to start the next new chapter.

The first scribbles
We are currently gathering ideas, writing them down and doing some research into our planned new recording setup. This time around the guys from the live band are going to be more actively involved in writing and recording, which is a whole new experience in contrast of the solo way of working.

Currently I am developing the core thematic concept for the album and penning dome some of the first lyric scraps. In about two months from now we will start recording the drums and start working on the first new song sketches.

We will keep everyone up to date every step of the way this time around.



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Upcoming live shows


We wanted to let you know we’ve got several cool live shows coming up. Lets take a look at our shows the coming months.

12 June – Wolpop
We play live at the annual Wolpop festival in Delft. Check the complete lineup.
Time schedule follows soon.

18 June – InStore CDtheek Eindhoven
Come and see us live (acoustic) in the CDtheek music store in Eindhoven.

This is going to be a great special show for a handful of friends and fans.
There is very limited crowdspace so come around 20:30 and secure a spot 🙂
Entree = Free. Beer and Wine are available.

1 August – Totaal Festival ***TIP***
We are going to play a special two-pieced set in the evening in a very unique theatrical setup. This is going to be a great evening at one of the best visited festivals in the Noord Brabant area.

More shows being confirmed
We are working on getting more shows confirmed. These include acoustic summer shows and other cool stuff.

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Working late to finish our new presskit

The past days we’ve been working hard on getting our new presskit ready. Once its done we can finally start promoting Lighttown Closure hardcore style 🙂

We wanted to create something spectacular which results in some heavy duty Photoshop, copywriting and for the special extended digital version (which will be awesome!) video editing, creating radio-edit-shortened-versions of our epic songs and much more 🙂

Now its time for some sleep, although I assume Jelle will work till morning. He kinda has this World Of Warcraft rhythm of living 🙂


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APRX|ETA remix albums announced

This summer we will be releasing a number of remix albums titled APRX | ETA 01, 02 etc. These will be released for free as high quality downloads at Mine All Mine! Records.

The first one is currently being finished by EXM and contains ambient, dreamy remixes of  our music. It includes remixes of new songs from Lighttown Closure as well as older songs.  APRX | ETA 01 will be released on June 22 on Mine All Mine! Records.

You get to make APRX | ETA 02
On July 15 we will be making the studio recording files available from our latest album Lighttown Closure. This mega download contains all the separate WAV files of every track, every hi-hat, every vocal and guitar line recorded.
YOU get to make remixes of these and the best will be released as APRX | ETA 02!

This is going to be a fantastic event and we are thrilled to get started! We will be posting news on the progress of the event often and interview those working on remixes.

More news soon!


Chris van der Linden

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Official PROMO 2010 Video live

We are happy to announce our official 2010 promo video. This was made from live footage shot during shows this and last year. We wish everyone a lot of fun watching it!

Note: We are also making seperate video’s of our songs. They will be released on our Fan Exclusive page first. Want to watch them before anyone else does? Get your passwword!

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3voor12 VPRO: Fourteen Twentysix sees the light

Influencial Dutch website 3voor12 VPRO just posted a review of our Lighttown Closure release party. They say Fourteen Twentysix is already a top notch band, despite their relatively short existence.

Read the full (Dutch) article here including some great photo’s.

Thanks to Jasper and Rolf Jurgens

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Live review by Roarzine

Roar-e-zine posted a great review of our Lighttown Closure release party. The article is in Dutch so Google Translate it if you like to get a rough English version 🙂

Thanks to Michel de Jong for his efforts! Cheers!

Photo by: Marjanne Ros

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